Actually a good friend of mine is straight outa Moscow.

Big guy, ex russian army.
We trade shots back and forth, him generally giving the russians more heck than I do.

In this case it could have been any other ‘group’, be it zimbabweans, congolese, pick a conflict. Was going for the sarcasm of the civil war.

As to dislike, personally it falls to an incident in Denver involving the russian mob there. Til i met Leo and his wife, wouldn’t have given a nickle for all the russians anywhere.
On a general level, I’ve had too many friends whose lives were turned upside down by russian backed commie terrorists.

Little gent, owned a small restaurant I would frequent. Only person Ive met who could make lamb taste that good. He’d get in moods once in a while and tell stories of Afghanistan and the russian invasion, and the russian bombs that killed his family in his restaurant.

Another friend, a Rhodie farmer, he and his family escaped right before commie backed Mugabe and all his russian trained thugs took over.

Some would say but those were the commies. The Soviet Union not the russians. I look at who’s running the country over there, another commie cold warrior. They’re supporting and arming and advising rebel forces, just like the commies of yesteryear that friends and family fought on various battlefields.

Twenty five years later, the cold war comes out of hibernation. The commies are just leading both sides this time.

As for buying the propoganda put forth by any .gov? I prefer evidence and facts, I’ll make up my own mind.