Question ?
Why do you hate the Russians so much ? What has any russian done to you ? Is it decades of government conditioning ? think about it , is it that they have done something to you personally , or is it that you have been taught to dislike them ? Does our government speak for you and your values ? I bet it doesnt , Obamination does not speak or act for me ………….well guess what , thats how it is in most of the world . I on the other hand have met and been around the average Russian , I can tell you this . Most in my age group are like we USED to be in the 1950’s before liberalism took control . there are clear cut gender roles , there is man’s work and women’s work , both take care of their duties . both understand what is expected of each other . My Gf is Russian , they are actually very hospitable people , no BS people but hospitable . For example , she just got out of surgery , she sent me to her mothers place to pick up some food her mother made . When I got there , and this is typical , they wont let you leave unless you eat . My sweety gives me the ” Honey do list ” . she points out what needs a mans hands , then she disappears , while I’m doing that , she is making lunch ………..a gooooood one , home made , and very nice . At 17 years old a Russian girl is expected to know how to run a household. Our girls are trying to figure out how to avoid getting pregnant , etc. Just Sayin You gotta ask yourself , do you dislike them because of personal experience ? or do you dislike them because you have ben conditioned by your government to dislike them ? Everybody needs to ask themselves that , because its important in learning how to think like a free man . If you have had no ill experiences with a group of people …………why hate them ? because your government says they are bad ? is your government trustworthy ? You got to filter through the bullshit , its like do you hate cats because they did something to you , or do you hate them because you have been conditioned to ? same thing , dogs , cats , they are both animals dependent on our care , I have had both . Learn to think FREE . when the slaves were freed after the civil war , they had to LEARN to be free , thats how we are in a different way , we are propagandized in subtle ways , we get conditioned , if you want to be a free man , you must question your own values and discriminate WHY you feel the way you do …………if its not from personal experience , you need to ask yourself is the feeling valid ? or is it outside influence ? Question government , question yourself ……….then you will start to think like a free man .