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Leopard. I don’t know how you find the strength of will to keep living like that. I know that everything you say is true. I have friends who have traveled there, and friends who now live here that used to live and farm in Rhodesia. It is also true it is not easy or possible to just pickup and relocate in another place. But, is that an option for you? And, is the situation getting better or worse? Any hope in sight?

I have an idea of what you mean, yes you are more used to survival than you realize for basic personal safety. You grow accustomed to the bars on the windows and doors and the view through them. You lock everything automatically without thought. Your side and rear view mirrors are life saving things.Curtains are always drawn – you live in darkness. I stopped carrying a ‘purse’ after the first time I was mugged in broad daylight, when I was 15, with lots of other people walking past. Lucky that was all that happened.

Whomever runs the world could not certainly be cruel enough to send natural calamities such as earthquakes and such to your country – unless it were to sweep the evil away.

My heart goes out to you and your family. To live in such hyper alertness constantly, with evil walking on your roof over your head is just a travesty.

I do wonder if you must worry about corruption within the private security forces. Well, in thinking, I’m sure that happens if all that else does to.

May you and your family find some moments of peace and joy in your world. Thank you for reminding me of how very fortunate I am at the moment.