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My medical training is just standard first aid and infant, child and adult CPR, had to keep the training current for a side job I used to have for many years.

My most recent (of the very few I have) emergency experience was when I had my 2 oldest kids at a playground. Another kid, a complete stranger, fell and gashed his forehead pretty good, as soon as I saw that I ran to my car for the fist aid kit. When I got back his parents had him and were trying to figure out what they could do. I got gauze pads on the wound and wrapped to hold it in place. The parents were then discussing if they needed to take him into the doctor, and were still more than a bit confused and panicked, so they asked me. Since I did not know if this needed stitches or not I told them if it were me I would take him to an urgent care or the ER right away and told them where the nearest hospital was ( it was only 2 miles away, up a major road, so they could drive him there much faster than an ambulance or paramedics could get there), the bleeding was controlled so I was able to calm down from urgent mode, and as I calmed down the parents were able to calm down and they carried him to their car, I presume they were taking him to get medical care, but I will never know.

Since then one of the major medical transport offices has set up a small office right across the street from that park, and there are usually 2-3 ambulances waiting for calls, so I probably would call 911 as I went for the first aid kit if it happened again.

My earliest experience was when I was about 14 and heading to school, a car lost control at an intersection while I was waiting on my bike for the light to change. All I remember is one moment I was beside a pole, the next I was off my bike and a few feet back from the pole, I don’t even recall seeing the car as I crossed the street afterwards, even though it had been stopped by a block fence and was only 20 feet or so from me. Completely in shock I guess, I did not even recall seeing another kid about to cross the crosswalk until later when they announced that there had been a fatal accident. To this day, almost 30 years later it is still a blank, all I can remember is seeing a bloody tennis shoe on the ground as I got ready to cross, but it did not register, I know that both he and the car went right in front of me, within 3-4 feet, and I still can’t remember that 2 minutes or so. We later even noticed some blood on the frame of my bicycle, that’s how close everything happened.