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All good stuff, but the Kid (lol White Knight) has the best post on this one, IMO!
SILVER is the most under-rated one of all, and the most manipulated by far.
SOME exposure, investment, or insurance in Precious Metals is very beneficial,
but folks like SJ… I do not worry about them unless they come after me for mine ;)
I think SJ’s mindset will work out fine for him. He can get Silver after SHTF through barter.
Many who buy before, because they have the excess “fiat paper trash cash”
will be extremely glad they did. Silver will return to a better ratio with Gold,
much more like the historic 15:1 price ratio or higher. The Silver coming
out of the ground these days is less than 9:1 ratio with Gold, and SILVER
is actually in high demand according to the sales charts. Further Proof
that it is grossly manipulated.

If you have extra “money”, invest in SILVER…
after you take care of the essentials.

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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