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i was told a long time ago that metals are a store of value. if you buy it today the value inside will be the same minus any inflation. You dont make money you just retain value, the worse the inflation the more grounded your investment so long as you have physical possession not paper pledges.

yes there are spikes like last silver spike but on a longer outlook 10+ years in terms or real world buying power it is about the same.

in 1910 average house is about 2-5000 so we will take 3000 as average
cost of gold 20.67 per oz
$3000 is about 145 oz
today real world sell 1184 per oz
145 oz times 1184 is 171680 for that you can buy a house
for 3000 dollars you cant buy it

this is assuming you bought just bullion if you managed a rare coin well then sky is limit