Microstamping like all feel good legislation is generally seen as a good idea by both the bleeding heart liberals and those too ignorant to understand.

The technology has been around for decades, but at an astronomical price and limited availability. And normally too large a size to be used, despite the name.

This law will have the same effect as the .50cal ban, none at all.

So what will happen? Smith, Ruger, Glock and every other maker will shut down CA sales, look what Ronnie Barrett did for example.
Suddenly no LE sales in CA.

And bluntly, that’s going to be the only ace in the hole, provided the manufacturers don’t cave and accept some LE exemption.

Entire academy classes without guns, no replacements for worn out models, no more parts, it wouldn’t take long before the Police Unions started putting some serious pressure on the idiots.

We already know that the government there does what it wants regardless of common sense.

The CA gunowners want to make a stand, all they have to do is nothing. The days before the vote, gun owners cars start ‘stopping’ across the state, every hour on te hour.

Imagine the LA freeways with hundreds or thousands of stalled cars that get fixed before the wreckers get there. Every hour.
“Musta been a bubble in the fuel line”.

Ghandi would approve, considering his comments about the disarmament of the indian people.

Of course, I look at the whole microstamping issue with a laugh.
The firing pin is going to be marked.
I have probably a dozen 1911 firing pins and can swap them out in seconds. Heck I commonly polish my firing pin, extractor, ejector, magazine lips and chamber on a new gun. Any marks that may have been there, aren’t. And I fit spare parts, just in case one “breaks”.
Firing pins do that I hear.