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Absolutely right 74, if you take there advantage the likelihood of the criminal attacking is reduced. The criminals here in the cities work like hunters. They wait for the right time to attack, a single girl, an older person, a mother with a child in there hand, you driving up to your house from a grocery or shopping center and so on.

Toby C, The article is 100% right. Many do not understand the criminals mind. Criminals will act fast like a hunter that does not want to lose the hunted animal. They wait till they know that it will be an easy kill.

I have seen this in the city many times in the last 50 years that I have lived here. Break ins to houses next door in three to five minutes, a women walking by her self and seen a jogger go by and take her gold chain were it happen so fast I didn’t even see the guys face. So yes it happens when you are asleep and not waiting for anything to happen.