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No problem. Not many people pay the price for custom work or understand what is entailed. My post was more supposed to be educational, particularly with regard to how many custom pieces I have done. No worries.

I should take a few minutes to post up some pictures and information on my knives I carry into the woods. I only carry custom knives into the woods because my life may depend on them and I trust them more than production. My choice and I don’t look down at all upon those that make other decisions. It is just my comfort level and trust factor after years of hard use of knives in particular.

As for the grips: I am having my website artwork scrimshawed on one side (oriented to be upright when held) and my tribal skull/crossbones done on the other side (oriented so that it is upright when holstered). The grips are oversized imitation ivory.

The minute that they come in I will post up a picture or three.