Bushrat, it would be easier for me to say “Oh don t worry, you gonna find way” but I am not gonna say it, because for you it is not so easy.
But it is not impossible at all. I already mention somewhere when SHTF there were few older guys in my group, we call them grandpas, and thought they were useless just because they were old for us. Later I found out that some of their advices were lifesaving. Those guys fight in WW2, one of them was resistance fighter, kinda of guy that lived and fight in the woods and eat wood bark because he did not had anything else to eat.

Every man have value, and what you said about hunting, fishing and gardening you definitely have more than usual values.
Try to make yourself more valuable, with more knowledge like natural healing (herbs), first aid, repairing things, or preparing for bartering.
Survival is not all about physical things and shooting, and even if it is, man who shooting from AK is very dangerous no matter is he amputee or not.
Contribute to group with knowledge and ideas, and yes making group prior SHTF is matter of thinking, after SHTF it is mostly matter of luck.