Custom work is always hard to bid.
It almost always takes twice as long as you expect. And that’s for the smith.

A custom I’m doing, the barrel blank was ordered two months ago, still on backorder.

Artsy stuff like scrimshaw, relax, sign the check and forget about it until the BBTOH (big brown truck of happiness) arrives.
I had one Smith engraved by hand. Full coverage, it took 8 months and once it came back, I sent another for the same. Engravers take lots of breaks, short days and with good reason. The eyestrain, back ache, shaking hands, all contribute to screwing up a job, so you quit before they happen.

I had some parts orders go missing, they show delivered but where are they? In a snowdrift or sagebrush after the winds here? In a trashcan after they turned out to be junk to some theif?
Hard to say, so I’m eating the price of the replacements and adding more time to work. It happens.