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Where I used to live there were a bunch of boarding schools in the area. The boarders were from all over the country and the world. Most such schools are grades 9-12. Some start at 7th grade and occasionally you can find them starting with boarders in 5th or 6th grade. Yes, some of the elites do pack their kids off at those ages. My small town had hundreds of boarding school students ranging down to the lower end of that range grade level, though the majority were high school age. I was part of the emergency planning group which at the time was more focused on a pandemic than other potential SHTF events, and one of our concerns was what to do with all those kids who might be stranded in our town. The person in charge of our group wanted the largest of the schools to maintain a year’s supply of food just in case, but of course they thought she was crazy and ignored her. We were also hoping that if we had the luxury of time that we’d want to shut the schools down and get the kids back home with their families so as not to be stranded in our town without resources to care for them, but that is likely just wishful thinking too. The schools likely would not cooperate until it was too late to take action. It costs about $53K per year currently to send a kid to these schools. Hopefully the parents won’t come to find their kids were stranded far from home without resources to care for them.