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This is a good point about how ill prepared our kids are during away games. I remember getting broke down one year during an away basketball game. It was cold, annoying, and there was no plan to take care of the kids on the bus. To make it worse, we were not allowed to take anything more than 1 “school sponsored” sports bag. We had to buy ours from the local sports shop that had our school mascot on it. Our gear BARELY fit in the stupid thing. My daughter wasn’t allowed but 1 bag on the bus when she played (couple years ago) so that hasn’t changed much over the years.

We always made arrangements to follow the bus during away games for our kids, but it was not even close to easy. If we did the 2 hour road trips like we had to do when I was in high school this would have not been an option. It would REALLY be tough to figure out.