That is bad , but not to sound cold , but what is the biggest problem in the world today ? Overpopulation .
It looks like an economic collapse is an unavoidable thing at this point , I dont think it can be stopped , delayed perhaps . Grim as it is , the world may actually be a better place to live in the long run with a lot less people in it . Ever put a few hundred ants in a small jar as a kid ? all climbing all over each other with no space , then when you shake them up a little bit , they get irritated and start biting and fighting each other . Here is another one to think about : Cell phone dependance is probably the single most societally destructive element in the world ever crated . We would like to think about them as a tool , they really are not . They make humans socially inept and separated from reality , they make people easily led with propaganda , they weaken the mind , think about the long term destruction going on every day , all over the “civilized” world . We are junkies , and not in a good way .