Leopard, never let the facts interfere with the truth.

Reality is, Rhodesia and Suid Afrika were allowed to fall under the bus (or were pushed depending on your view) because they were not politically correct.
A society or nation that was successful couldn’t be minority led. And lets be blunt, the whites were and are in the minority.

Just because they built the nation, built the farms, built the businesses, the infrastructure, everything, doesn’t mean that they should continue to own and run the same.

No, one should hand over everything to someone who’s only qualification has been ‘necklacing’ the other tribal members.
It helps breed equality.

About the only hope there is for SA is secession.
The “Cape Colony” separates, with its own .gov, constitution, and voting laws. Property ownership a requirement to vote.

You would have to limit foreign ownership, property and businesses, starting by purchasing every scrap of land within the expected borders. So there is no means of arguing ownership or intent.

A pipe dream, certainly.
Especially for Africa.
But if you’re gonna dream, why not dream big.