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I think this topic really just highlights the need for practical training in first aid and medical treatments. My son is highly allergic to all milk products so I have been practicing ingredient identification for a long time. At first we had EpiPens for him just in case. Found we didn’t need them eventually.

One of the First questions they ask at the ER; what medicines are you Allergic to?

btw, I’m not bashing homiopathic remedies, I just don’t know of one for infection in the lungs that works.

And I’d like to find something other than scrips that works on sinus infections as well.

The ER part, I spent enough time cleaning up accidents and other medical incidents and have seen more than a few people who couldn’t advise what they were allergic to.
I’ve considered a No penicillin tattoo just in case, but the whole permanent identification mark puts me off.

I think if SHTF, that meds will quickly become one of the primary black market items. Hopefully someone will still be making them somewhere.