Toby, the problem with deBecker is he advocates not resisting.
That having and using a weapon, you are more likely to have it taken away and used against you. That it is better to let the bad guy have what he wants in the hopes he doesn’t hurt you.

I have a duty to protect my family.
I will not prostrate myself to any man in the hopes no harm may come to them.
They will surrender or suffer the consequences, be it with a firearm, sword, pair of chopsticks or my bare hands.
But I will be keeping my firearms so I don’t have to use the less effective means, regardless of any laws.

I feel sorry for those subjects in occupied countries such as Britain. Where defense is punished harder than crime.
And then I remember, you have four options:
Break the law, have the gun and knife and to hades with the parlimentary ponces.
Leave, even South Africa which is its own level out of Dante’s Inferno, still has firearms and the right to defend oneself.
To quote Trent Reznor, “Bow down before the one you serve, you’re going to ger what you deserve”.
Or stand up, gather together and change the laws. Grow a pair and remind those in office that they serve you not the other way around.

I will add that most places that suffered British rule post 1800 suffer from the same attitude and general laws. I would not be looking there.