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No matter what ‘Bams does there will be 25% of the population that agrees with him, up to and including if he holds a press conference to announce that after careful consideration the world’s top scientists all agree that the sun rises in the West and sets in the East. If he says it, 25% will agree with him and demand school curriculums change accordingly. On the issue of Islamic terrorism, I think we’ve reached the point where the other 75% of the population are trying to understand his utterly bizarre behavior. That 75% are far from being in agreement as to why he is doing what he is doing, but most people know that something is seriously wrong with him.

Six years into his reign there is no doubt but that he thinks America is too white and too Christian. He holds little regard for whites and Christians which is why (in my opinion) he has opened the borders to let unlimited #’s of illiterate unskilled people from Mexico and Central America into the US and why he is eagerly taking in so many Muslim refugees into the country, despite all the evidence being clear that they absolutely do not assimilate. Every Somali cluster has been nothing short of a disaster for the host communities. America being too white and too Christian is why most of the top positions in his administration have been filled with blacks, some of them openly racist, and additionally his quietly putting a number of Muslim Brotherhood (otherwise known as C.A.I.R in the US) people into sensitive high level positions. He made no secret in his campaigns that he was going to fundamentally change America. His followers just somehow thought he meant for the better. That he has the ultimate race baiter Al Sharpton as one of his closest advisors speaks volumes as does the close ties he has with C.A.I.R.

We have another 23 months to go. He is in a position to do a lot more damage still.