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Yes, midwifery will be a very valuable skill. I may have mentioned it before but there is a cemetery here in my little hamlet that dates back to the latter 1700’s when the neighborhood was settled. I took a walk through one day reading headstones from the latter 1700’s and 1st half of the 1800’s. I saw too many young women in their late teens and 20’s and too many babies and toddlers. I already knew from my own genealogical research that women frequently died as a result of childbirth complications and virtually every family lost babies and toddlers up until about 100 years ago, but seeing the tombstones made it all the more real knowing this was life in this very neighborhood.

At this point I bought everything on the list, and more, except for clothing which I wasn’t planning to do. Of course at any given point in time my wife has clothes here that she’s bought for the girls that she’s just waiting for an opportunity or occasion to give them.