But in this case we are the aggressor . Like two kids in a playground , one keeps pushing and pushing until the other kid gets sick of it and punches him in the nose . I thought Bush was arrogant , but Ozimba takes the cake .
Let me put it another way………..Why does NATO exist ? in the beginning , for the defense of western Europe against the Soviet Union and warsaw pact . Who is the primary member of NATO ? the United States . The Soviet Union is gone , so is the warsaw pact . In order for NATO to even have a reason to exist , you must constantly fabricate an “enemy ” for it to defend against . Otherwise it has no reason to continue . Who has the most to loose if NATO does disband ? the United States . Because its morphed into something far more sinister that its original intention . Who has wanted help with their wars ? the United States . What countries are obligated to help ? NATO . Think about it . Iraq , Afghanistan , Vietnam , Korea are all very far away from Western Europe . Russia doesn’t have military bases all over the world ………..WE DO , why is that ?
” I’m from the Government , I’m here to help “