Every day I try to run my business, I keep an eye on things happening in my area. Try to get as much as possible done before power goes off again. Making decisions about which route to take, it is mind boggling to try and figure out where to buy fresh fish – you need to know which shop really keep things going while electricity goes off. When will the electricity be back this time..?
You need to know when it is TIME to go. When the whole grid goes down. Three days – that’s how long it will take for people to start losing it all together (not 14 days like in civilised countries)
So – we will keep on working until there is no more electricity…MMmmm??

And then…then a strong man, apparently he used to be a station commander (ex-police), gets shot through the heart in front of his wife and child. He then gets hacked to death with axes by the three armed robbers. . inside his house not so far from ours.
Days later his child still in hospital being treated for shock.
You read the news and go on with your daily work. But now I make sure nobody is even in the street before I open the gate. I do everything outside before the sun sets. Will simply not allow anybody into my property. My big dog is also spending more time inside.
Been two days of “simply keep on working” But somehow I realised that they will come for me and my child. He asked me yesterday- Why they attacked him after he has been shot in the chest. And today my child asked me “Why would somebody throw away a baby?” A coloured baby survived after being put in a plastic black bag. Ants covered the small baby that was found by a security officer. I looked at my child. They are just very cruel people.. with no moral values.
I know you love your school and friends but that is why we need to leave. He looked at me, and said. “We can home school. It’s ok. I will work hard and we can save money. We must go now.”