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Historically there are many more situations then the few you are referring. Many scenarios include wars.

The big “they” are all the financial leaders of the central banks. And they are not controlling the economy. They are not controlling Greece, or the decline of the Euro. What they want doesn’t seam to matter much.

I don’t look at the wars as an economic collapse, that’s the side effect of the war. I chose tjose because they weren’t caused by war.

One could look at Rhodesia and South Africa during the bush wars and note that even during the embargo years they were flourishing in many ways, when forced to bow to world demands, then the economic collapse started.

Whenever a socialist .gov takes over, the ecomomy will collapse, Iceland, Greece, Russia, Cuba, zimbabwe, South Africa, all ended up with some form of commie .gov and spiraled down the drain. It may happen quickly or over decades, but it will happen.

The problem with communism/socialism economically is you eventually run out of other peoples money.