A little humor:

To: Executive Mayor Cllr Kgosientso Ramokgopa, 
I am aware of the fact that you have been embroiled in lengthy legal battles with various organisations that want to prevent you from changing the name of Pretoria to Tshwane. I find this extremely disturbing and I do not agree with these organisations at all.
As a proud descendant of the Boer Nation that founded this once beautiful, first world city, I have to insist that you change the name to Tshwane as soon as possible.
I personally think it is an insult to the legacy of my proud forefathers that this hell hole of a third world slum should use the name of the Pretorius family. I am of the opinion that it would be much more fitting for the remnants of what was once Pretoria, to be named after the ancestors of the people responsible for its collapse. The Boer people have no interest in being associated with the filthy, crime ridden streets and the parks and squares that now reek of urine and decay. I sincerely hope that you will look kindly on my request to no longer insult the name and legacy of the proud people who built this city but do the right thing and name it after the ancestors of those who destroyed it. 
Kind Regards Sunette Bridges