I think one could say most areas in South Africa were given names that sound Afrikaans or Dutch. The ANC have been changing names at an typical African pace One name at a time… just to make sure a map printed a month ago is already out dated… costing a fortune in changing names on monthly basis and fairly easy to get lost while using any map or gps because street names chances to all that has been in parliament in the last 20 years.
MountainBiker, most white South Africans great great grandparents came from The Netherlands, France, Germany, England, and Greece. I’ve got mostly Dutch and French blood in my veins. You can see it in typical South African surnames like Du Plessis: de Villiers; Du Buisson; Le Grange; Pollock; Roux; Rossouw; Strauss; Spencer; Van Wijk
People at the coast like giving their homes names. And you can also see European in the names chosen for security complexes. LaMontagne beautiful area in Pretoria..