After my earlier comments I will add that the ‘homesteader’ side can be valuable. Especially if the event becomes the norm rather than an emergency.

Different viewpoints are welcome, that’s why its a discussion not a bunch of parrots squawking.

I still say that food storage is needed or beneficial.
Summers bounty will go to waste unless preserved for later.
And while freezing is the most nutritious, if the power goes out for a length of time, you lose everything.

Growing up we canned a lot of vegetables in the summer. January rolled around and those green beans and tomatoes were great.

Depending on where you are and resources available 20 years worth of freeze dried foods may make perfect sense to have, other times and places the whole homestead bit may be perfect.

Where I grew up, we butchered chickens and hogs every fall.
Too expensive to keep over the winter, except a couple of laying hens and breeder sows. Canning was the only practical way of dealing with that volume of meat that was shelf stable.

Your comments?

Gents, play nice he’s new.
Just because there are different ideas doesn’t mean anyone’s wrong, just different ideas at work.