Its not a matter of one prediction over another.
Its historical.

Look at pretty much every economic “collapse”, from zimbabwe, to South Africa (current), Weimar Republic Germany, Argentina, Greece and more.
None of them collapsed overnight, some have been collapsing for decades.
Nobody wins with a collapse, that’s why those that can effect what happens fight so hard to prevent it.

Greenspan and the PPT (plunge protection team) and others do what they can, not to falsely bolster the economy but to prevent those panic situations that could do actual damage.

Nobody gains from a collapse, nobody profits.
“But they get to impose martial law”, look at how much that costs. Men, materials, none of its free, and when you’re dealing with a reluctant public at best, its going nowhere but south.

This mysterious “they” that everyone talks of, those in charge behind the scenes like the Wizard, they want you to keep your job, to keep paying your mortgage, buying new cars and dvd players. Thats how they make money.

Throwing people in some ‘FEMA’ camp doesn’t profit either.

What profits and how?
Adjusting interest rates so people have consumer confidence and purchase homes, cars, take out loans, buy more stuff.
Offering tax breaks to companies so they put forth dealer incentives to buy things, generating more tax revenue.

The tin foil hat brigade are missing what really happens every day and why a collaose is the last thing anyone, especially those in power want.