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Winter disaster survival is the most serious of them all. There can be no mistakes. The consequences are usually lethal right away. Every year the deaths start right after the first storm. People trapped by snow, out of food, hypothermia, heart attacks, co2, fires. The first thing you do think of doing is checking out the neighbors, but then you realize they did nothing and you’ll be the one they will talk about if you help them. They will beat a path to your door because they were to lazy to prep themselves. The fact is property lines are our protection. Be friendly but follow the rules. People are creatures of habit. No one will support you in the good times, why should they in bad. Short term long term it doesn’t make any difference. Stay inside, read a good book for a week or two. Follow all the social rituals. Tell them tomorrow will be warmer. Shovel your sidewalk. Pretend your hungry… and eat the secret stash of food in your panic room quietly.