As one who was snowbound for weeks without power, I like canned food.
We ran out of propane, the fridges and freezers were emptied, the fresh food lasted days not weeks.

Canned foods need not be full of salt, make your own to start.
Or buy low or no sodium options.

Gardening? Depends on where you are,
Here without a greenhouse, not only is your growing season laughable but living in the mountains we have something called rocks and poor soil. And there’s not a lot of practical options for winter/snow gardening.

Chickens? Theres a reason they’re called foul.

Water? Here in the mountains that can be a challenge. Without drilling down thousands of feet, and without a permit, aint gonna happen. The best source is a river a mile away, better to have drinking water on hand than have to go get some daily.

There’s a great thread on another forum about living 10+ months on preps after a job loss. Luckily the poster had put enough back to feed himself, his teenage kids and wife until he was able to get a viable job again.

This is your version of reality, it doesn’t necessarily relate to others.