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Well once the Greeks exit then other will say why are we going to pay for all this debt when we are also in a collapse? Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and so on. These countries are all in trouble and will want out too! So this will be the beginning of the end of the Euro but also the beginning of even bigger reasons for many other collapses.

Brulen, remember when there was many foreclosures of homes, and then the modifications happen well if you were in trouble and all you wanted was a lower payment you would call the bank and the bank would say NO you can’t do modification so you would ask why, well because you are not in foreclosure so many when into foreclosure only to get a modification.

This is what will happen in all the countries once Greece gets away with the debt. Every country will want there debt to be reset to zero including the U. S.

It will be world wide dominoes. It is a total world wide collapse and a reset of debts.