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Good for her. I think the issue for the vast majority of people is that the concept of a Muslim in the Oval Office is so far beyond comprehension that they can’t entertain the thought. I will admit that it wasn’t obvious to me either back when he was running for office.

Things being so far beyond what we accept as normal so as to defy comprehension is why most people don’t prep. They can’t conceive of things getting so bad that govt. wouldn’t come to the rescue. I learned a lesson of sorts years ago when the company I worked for was buying a small business on the West coast. I was out there for the due diligence process and in meeting with their CFO was struggling to get answers or documents for the simplest of things, a couple small examples being a depreciation schedule and details on certain lease arrangements they had. It was a strategic rather than financial purchase and so it was concluded even without me being able to get all that I wanted, the thinking being the problem was a little power struggle going on between me and their CFO and she’d get the heave ho after the acquisition was completed if she didn’t quickly get in line. The possibility that the problem was their accounting procedures and controls being grossly inadequate never even occurred to me because these were things that any business bigger than a mom & pop sole proprietorship would have to have. I thought she just wasn’t cooperating. Turns out their accounting procedures and controls were grossly inadequate. They weren’t playing games as I thought they were. I completely missed seeing what was there in plain sight.

People often can’t see the obvious and so the occupant of the Oval Office is who he is. Hide in plain sight as they say.