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I don’t know when modern land ownership deeds and such went into effect in SA but suspect it was in the far distant past given land ownership is the bedrock of a modern economy. On that basis it sounds like these folks say the land is theirs simply because they say so rather than being based on actual ownership such as ownership is understood in any developed nation. If they win, it will spell the end of SA given many others will step forward looking to reclaim their ancestral lands. There have been many land claims by Indian tribes in the US but their claims have largely been based on treaties that they claim were violated and at least had a legal basis upon which to pursue the claim.

Having read a number of articles you’ve posted I have grown accustomed to place names and people names that I couldn’t begin to pronounce but in this article there was reference to a place called La Montagne. That’s French for “the mountain” but it is also a somewhat common French Canadian family name in Quebec, the Canadian Maritimes, and New England. How did a French name get inserted in SA? I’ve got a lot of LaMontagne/Lamontagne relatives,