I used to live in Maine , and am going back soon , They are indeed honest , hard working people , the point has as usual been not understood by some people . Then results in personal attacks when the point on the subject is contrary to their opinions . Like stated , there are two sides to every story , I was presenting one side of it from their point of view . The other side is well represented in our media . The other point about the civil war was and is , that to this day , the term does not have the same meaning depending on what part of the country you live in , yet we are still all Americans , but yet still very great differences within that country . At what time did I say I ever hated the Ukrainians ? I didnt . I do support any people wanting their independence from the motherland if they feel they are being oppressed, regardless of politics . We did the same thing in the 1700’s lest we forget . We did try diplomacy , until it was clear that the only way was to fight .