Mr. Red
Mr. Red

If I were to run an optic of some sort on any platform, I’d make damn sure that it was quick detach, and that my irons are on point. And that the optic (unless it’s just magnified glass, or something like an ACOG) used standard batteries, like your 512.

Like you said, rather than having a 10-12 pound M4 style rifle, either keep it slick so you can carry more ammo, or go with a big boy rifle (I’ve personally been eyeing one of those scout style M1A’s).

Unless I had nearly everything else squared away with regards to food, medical supplies, comms, all that other vital stuff, if that was all good, then and only then would I look at night vision and IR lasers and stuff. It’s an excellent force multiplier to own the night, but at the price for it, I’d rather send those funds elsewhere. Not to mention those things devour batteries, so you’d have to have good rechargeable ones, and a good way to keep replacing the juices in em.

In case y’all haven’t noticed yet, I like slick rifles and saving money to where it needs to be sent to lol

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