The comparison would not be appropriate, as the Nazis were invaders much like the russians are.

Regardless your love of the russians and obvious hatred of the Ukrainians, it doesn’t make what is happening right.

It would be like all the mexicans in Arizona declaring Aztlan theirs and taking up arms. But I think they are doing just that, one convenience store at a time.

And to many yankees, the confederates were and are just a bunch of sore losers, much the same as the Palestinians in the west bank.

The Kiev .gov is the legitimate and legal government, recognized as such.

Russia’s just got its panties in a bunch with no buffer to speak of any more from NATO countries. They’re surrounded and want all of those cold war possessions back for sales of goods, that buffer from the west and cheap goods to buy from those controlled lands.
Here’s a thought, how much is commie Russia hurting lately with the cheap oil?
It being a chief export to much of the old eastern bloc countries, without the stranglehold of communism, how much money are they losing every day? No wonder they are trying to regain what they’ve lost.