The Nazi term is appropriate , the Novorossians have declared independence and are fighting to maintain it , the Germans invaded countries that did not want them there , and helped the resistance and allies with information . The Ukrainians are seen as invaders by the people of those regions , the Ukers are not welcome there , and are indeed looked at by the population as Nazis , even by name , and sense the Kiev government has card carrying neo-nazi’s within their ranks ………..I wonder where they are getting that idea ? . They are all Ukrainians , yes and no , The US and CS were all ” Americans ” also , but they are not the same people , the CS declared independence also and fought for it , to many “Americans ” in the south , to this day , the word Yankee is the same as the word Nazi . And as far as overthrowing the government goes , how do you think the Kiev government got to power ? they did it by force of arms . The Novo’s just dont want to be a part of it anymore .
This is a new press conference about the Minsk agreement , the perspective of the “rebels ” , there are always two sides to a situation , but this should give us an idea of how and why they are doing what they are . Like any politics you have to take with a grain of salt , but here it is .