I tend to agree with you re: high-speed go-fast stuff. The more stuff you have on your rifle, the greater the chance it will crap the bed when you need it most. Mr. Murphy and I are old friends. And yeah, you can obtain more ammo (or what have you) if you don’t buy that High-Speed widget…

The only concessions I made to add-on stuff are the issue optical sight for the G3 (which is detachable, has a repeatable zero, and is stored in a pouch on my battle belt), and the EO Tech 512. It really is a good piece of kit and runs on AA batteries, which are everywhere. If it takes a hit or craps out, then just dump it and use your battle sights. (My eyes aren’t what they used to be, which explains the optical sights, etc).

Lasers and flashlights and doo-dads and night vision and all sorts of extra stuff on a carbine? You’ve just increased the weight up to the 12 pound range, which means you can swap that M4 out for a real rifle, like a M1A or a G3 (or even an old Springfield 03)… never made sense to me, buying a tiny carbine like an M4, then hanging 8 pounds of extras on it… meh..

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1