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Now lets talk about the Muslims in Europe. They have created there own zones so why are they living in Europe? If they need to create a zone because they like there way of living then they need to go back to there counties!

This is the same thing happening here in the U. S. and not only with Muslims, it is happening with Central & South Americans wanting everything in Spanish! What is happening this is America and the language is English period!

When I came here from Cuba at the age of four that is what has happening. All schools teachers would tell me hey only English here. I didn’t take it in a bad way, it was the language of America and the teachers were very nice about it too! They would tell me you can use Spanish at home with your parents and they would say that it is good for you to keep learning with your parents Spanish but here in School you need to learn English.

Why can’t a child go to school with a t-shirt with an American flag on it? I did many times. What is going on when kids go to schools with other country flags and the teacher do not tell them anything but when a kid comes to school with an American flag it is a problem. It is not the kid that has a problem it is the schools lift wing agenda.