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Thanks for bringing up the topic. It caused me to look up the knife laws in VT, which like with guns, are almost non-existent:

Know Your Knife Laws #14: Vermont
Posted on October 16, 2013 by Chris Dumm

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Some state knife laws are tortured labyrinths of contradictory statutes, nonsensical definitions and unfettered police discretion in deciding whether your knife will earn you a trip to court (or jail) or a ‘have a nice day.’

Vermont is not one of those states. Long live Freedom And Unity!

The rules for knives in Vermont are delightfully simple: don’t have an automatic knife with a blade longer than three inches, don’t bring a knife onto school or government property, and don’t carry a knife (or any other dangerous or deadly weapon) with an intent to harm another person.

There are no other restrictions on knives in Vermont. Daggers, small autos, fixed blades, Bowies, balisongs, sword canes, bizarre martial-arts weapons, and even pointed sticks can be carried openly or concealed. Unlike many states, Vermont law focuses on a person’s intentions, rather than the characteristics of the knife itself.