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74, All the Euro zone is in a 2008 time that we went throw, they are now printing paper money at about the same rate that the fed did. The problem is will it work there since the Euro is to many countries with to many government policies.

Brulen, On your “The US crisis, the Euro crisis, the Asian crisis etc” You are right my friend, who will be the first domino to fall is the question no one knows. But one thing that I have learned in the last year is that I was wrong on thinking that this was a U. S. collapse of the dollar. Now I know it is a world wide collapse of all currencies that the bankers have planned for the reset of all debt. The banker elites have stolen so much that they know(planned years ago)that a world collapse of all currencies and a reset of debt would be the only way for the world to agree on a One World Currency.

Many in the U. S., Europe, Japan, Some in Russia and China will die of hunger which is a way to reduce the world population. Russia people will have more people survive since they have been harden by the 70 years of communism they went throw and so will the Chinese which are used to living on rice. But the rest of the world will have problems with this world collapse.

It will be the biggest collapse it the history of the world. I believe it will happen in end of 2016 or beginning of 2017.