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74, that’s why I mentioned the spent casings. It is not something that most people would even think about. The other night I was at the VT Statehouse for the Public Hearing on Bloomberg’s gun proposal and one guy held up a spent casing and said if he went to MA with that and got caught he’d then have a felony weapons crime record and would be unable to buy a gun privately in VT under the proposed legislation, and is that the kind of crime they are trying to protect Vermonters from.

As an aside, the hearing was really interesting. Bloomberg’s folks all wore green and our side all wore orange with there being at least 2 of us for each of them. The greens were predominantly women and the orange predominantly men. Speakers had 2 minutes each with it alternating between green and orange. Most speakers didn’t really speak to the specifics of the bill but rather about aspects of the larger issue of gun control in general. At least half of the greens said they owned guns and grew up in gun owning households, hunted etc. A spokesman for the Police Chief’s organization spoke opposing it. This being VT, there weren’t any State police or other security folks there, just the Sergeant at Arms and a couple assistants to direct people where to go and to close off the chamber once it was full, and then redirect the overflow to another room where they could watch via closed circuit TV.