Mr. Red
Mr. Red

I forgot to add in my previous post, the idea of KISS, otherwise known as Keep It Simple, Stupid!

There are a million and one extra parts, optics, all sorts of wazoo ninja uber operator things you can throw on your rifle (and shotgun, even). Before you go out and spend a few hundred, or even thousand dollars on an optic, or new fancy thing-a-ma-jig, understand that your stock firearm will still work without it. I’ve seen many a prepper say they NEED an EO Tech or Aimpoint or ACOG. Sure it may improve your shooting, but that’s extra money that can go to food or tools.

I dunno about you guys, but I’d rather have a slick rifle (slick meaning that it’s stock/nothing big added on) and have more food or medical supplies, than go without that extra stuff for a fun sight on my rifle. But, by all means, once you can afford something like that, go for it. But remember that food is important, your rifle will still be deadly effective without an ACOG or something of that nature. Not to mention the food for your gun (and mags).

Just a few thoughts, YMMV.

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