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It will be interesting to see how this plays out in Massachusetts. Right now only specific makes and models can be bought in Massachusetts. If it isn’t on the official list approved by the State Attorney General that gun is deemed illegal to own. Manufacturers have to prove to the MA Attorney General that their guns meet all MA safety standards in order to get on the approved list. Some have given up trying. Most companies that sell gun related supplies….ammo, magazines etc. refuse to ship into MA because the State sometimes files suit against these companies for selling items that are either not legal in MA or selling items to people they can’t prove can legally own it. For example, you can’t buy ammo in MA without showing your gun license. Unless the ammo supplier can demonstrate they knew their MA customer had a current license they are at risk of legal action. Hence, they don’t ship into MA. My guess is that MA will ignore the ruling and just say it doesn’t apply to them. The previous Attorney General in MA, Martha Coakley, was on record as saying that the States are not bound by the Bill of Rights, that it only applied to the Federal Govt. She said it specifically in reference to gun rights.

OK, so go ahead. Ask me if I miss living in MA? LOL