<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>freedom wrote:</div>MB, Fox doesn’t because it can’t be verified.


Spent half an hour going over Jarrett looking for this, not out there.
Was she born in Iran? Yup, but her white parents were there because her dad ran a hospital there. They returned when she was 5.

Back to Zero.
Bluntly, while overturning his laws and orders is needed, anything having to do with him other than letting him fade into Jimmy Carter style obscurity is going to be a mistake.

Not just the race card, but the saccharine adoration that he has from so many followers. May as well start whipping up the race riots now, Al Sharpton will be on every channel ginning up the hate.

He isn’t Uncle Bob Mugabe, with a list of war crimes and corruption that is taller than any of us. We can’t prove criminal intent, incompetence perhaps, willful disrehard certainly, but criminal?
If that could be proven, he’d already be out.

As to the birth certificate, the laws would stand as they were/are enacted by congress not the president. The executive orders would fall. For better or worse.

The country grind to a halt? Hardly.
For most of us, it hardly matters who sits in that seat. Or if there is someone in that seat.
Ya we go back and forth over decisions that happen at that level, but our daily lives change little regardless who’s in office.
What I find amusing is the number of positives since zero came into office.

Positives? Yup.
Overwhelming gun and ammo sales.
Broad CCW changes for the positive, more and more states are opening up CCW and even considering constitutional carry.
Various anti gun legislation shot down, various anti gun laws shot down.

Zero has been a catalyst that both united and spurred on great numbers of people who would otherwise sat on the sidelines.

What’s the worst thing one could do to him at this point?
Negating any legal issues that come up until the next swearing in and spending the rest of his life with Mooshelle seem a rather fitting and insulting end.