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Sorry for my absence. I’ve been taking security classes and was out of pocket for a few days. Thanks for the encouragement and assistance one and all.

74, I use an older model Troy Bilt rear tine tiller. It was my grandfather’s. In response to your questions, I know you said you didn’t need an answer but I’m going to answer anyway.

On one side (the foreground in the pictures) I can loosen the soil down as deep as my tiller’s tines will reach. I think if I let it sit and dig, it would end up quite deep. One the other side it’s only down around 8 inches.

Watering will be done from a water well that has been in existence for well over 30 years and has never run dry. Even during extended droughts.

Humus? Sandy? I don’t think the soil is very sandy. I think it’s a high clay content, but I’m not sure. If you were to clump it up, it would remain clumped. Water sits for a little bit before sinking in.