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We will agree to disagree about several of these points. Many of those on this list were mostly guerrilla war, however. I can live with smiling and nodding – I have been married for 20 years.

If it came down to any scenario where I was having to fight a larger force, I would definitely invoke terrorist type activity into my battles with that force. This is where my own person conflict takes place.

I don’t think that these people should be attacking our civilians, car bombing our embassies, beheading prisoners, etc. It is morally wrong in my mind and it makes my skin crawl….. THEN i think about what I would do to protect my family and what is mine. I would have no problems bombing places (not civilians – EVER), using guerrilla tactics, disabling vehicles, taking out LP/OP’s or guard towers, etc…. I wouldn’t even think twice about it if the choices were the life of my family or the life of my enemy. My enemy would lose EVERY time. Does that mean that I think ISIS is right or shouldn’t be drawn and quartered? NO. Heck, I would help interlace these guys into the ladder we drug through town.

My point is that guerrilla warfare does work as does the use of terror. It is a form of PSYOPS of sort. The US just got caught up in all Britain’s crap during WWII which made us the main focus of their anger even to this day. We should have just stayed out of that region or stopped Britain from dividing things up like they did. All said and done you can’t say that 9/11 didn’t change the US as a country….. That was a major win right there.