“Some guys will even surrender without fight and beg for mercy, even they listened stories about „no prisoners“ for weeks. Often they are the people who can not imagine how truly evil people act. They think because they would not kill and torture other people they do not know nobody would. It makes no sense, but it is what terror does and why it works. It makes people act without sense, makes them do stupid things, to be confused and not logical.”

At times I was responsible for up to 19 people. Knowing each person and their limits was critical to achieving our missions.
Once when we were in a critical situation I could see and feel the sense of panic building up in the group and each person. It becomes something that you can see, feel and taste. By standing up and becoming a point of focus I talked the group down from the ledge. Each and everyone in the group was very skilled in their jobs but had not been in that type of trouble and actually had no idea of what to do next.
Seems to me a lot of folks will go through life and never come face to face with death.
There are people that want to kill you just to see how you die.
Know those types. Know your limits. Know how to deal with fear.
Fear will kill you or make you strong.