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lonewolf, It doesn’t happen that often as your news media plays it.

First thing police shootings do happen a lot because of the criminals, gang members and drug dealers but in the 53 years that I have lived in Miami, Florida I personally never have seen one shooting happen were I am at. It all happens in gang members and drug deals gone bad. These people all have guns that ether are stolen or purchased from someone that brings them in with the drugs that come into the country.

Then there are some school shootings! Well do you know why? The schools are gun free zones! So I can’t go pick up my kids with a gun on my even if I have a gun permit so all the nuts, criminals love to go do there killing in the schools and Universities. All gun free zones. So gun free zones do not work! Chicago has the strongest gun control laws which many of these laws are unconstitutional but still have one of the highest rate of gun violence in the country why? Well because all the gangs and criminals know that everyone else doesn’t have a gun to defend them self.

This is why gun control doesn’t work here.