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We have borders which drugs come into the country on a daily bases. The drug dealers, gangs, and all the criminal will always have guns since they can just bring them in from other countries just like the drugs. Till we can stop all drugs from coming in why do we need to take guns away from non criminals that never shoot anyone?

To prove the point just look at Switzerland were every citizen owns a weapon, is there a lot of crime there? No!

Now look at the problem were there gun control laws. Australia, and now France! How did the terrorist get military weapons into the countries? How did the terrorist in France get there weapons and then kill people that the government took there right to defend them self and be able to own a gun. Do you think the terrorist would not have been shot by one of them. How about the police officer without a gun!!! Please! What world are they living in!

Australia is the same story, the terrorist killed many in the store, why? Well because the people to not have rights! They can’t own a gun! Why? Are they the criminals? NO!! Then why does the government are so interested in taking the rights from there people.

We in America believe in the U. S. Constitution which will help us the people stop the government from controlling the people like dictators.

Gun Control has never really worked. There will always be criminals, drug dealers, terrorist, extremist from the left and right and gang members that will find ways to bring into the country whatever they want. So why take away the right of the people that have never committed any crime from owning a gun to protect them self and there liberties and freedoms.