I dont think he needs to take Ukraine , they are incompetent . There was a concern not too long ago about that war affecting cheap ammo here in the US . One person commented that the Ukrainians have more ammo than they know what to do with . I think this is true from what I have seen on Novorossian news channels . The UAF is in fact very well supplied with ammunition , so much so , that they end up giving it to their enemy when they are forced to bug out of an area , which happens a lot ! The NAF captures large quantities of ammunition . Thats the nature of urban warfare , you abandon your gear and get out , or you die trying to take it with you . The NAF is getting good at capturing equipment , they made their first air attack with a captured SU ground attack aircraft . They recently captured a battery of UAF long range artillery , and are now shelling the Ukrops with their own guns . Point is , the UAF is incompetent , its poorly led , poorly motivated , and lied to . Conscripts that dont want to fight are not going to do very well against people defending their homes , that are well led , highly motivated , and determined . Putin doesnt need to ” invade ” . They are doing well on their own . Thats another thing , our media calls them insurgents , or terrorists . Insurgents are rag heads with no government . Terrorist is self explanatory, and they are not that . These people have seceded from Ukraine , they have defined boundaries , they have a fully functioning government , they have an organized , and centrally led military . That is a country , not an insurgency . Just Sayin
The US and NATO does not belong there in any capacity . Merkel of Germany is getting hard criticism from her opposition , because she has given money to the Kiev government , a government that is made up of card carrying neo Nazi’s , to a German , thats not a good image in the modern day .