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The game is on! Russia is part of this game. Can Putin take down the Euro which will take the U. S down weeks later and can Putin hold on and not go down the same way? China knows that there economy will go down too!

I see it as a world economical collapse that will work like dominoes.

The question is will it start WWIII?

Will there be any nuclear weapons used?

I personally believe they are all in it, They all know the collapse was coming so why not start a WWIII to keep the people thinking about a war and the collapse of all paper monies and debts get reset to a new World Money at the end.
This is why I think the war will last 10 to 15 years and there will not be nuclear weapons used because this was planned as a false flag event.
Remember that these false flag events are always changing depending on many events. But there plan is to lower the population and take more control of the world monetary system(be able to print a world currency) so they can control everything.

All of this has been planned for 100’s of years or more.

Putin is in it too, all are in it. The War will be a false flag.